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15550-D Rockfield Blvd. Irvine, CA 92618 - United States


Forte Animal Rescue

Forte Animal Rescue offers refuge for homeless dogs until they are placed in their permanent homes. In order to successfully rescue and place the dogs with new families, we rely solely on donations. Once a dog is under our care, we never give up on any dog regardless of behavioral issues or medical challenges, which often means we incur significant expenses for veterinary treatment, behavioral rehabilitation, and boarding for dogs who take more time and care to adopt out.

Forte also offers a structured Junior Volunteer program with hands-on experience, run by a certified high-school teacher. We are dedicated to inspiring compassion and educating the youth about the animal protection. Many children are learning the importance of spay/neuter and proper care of the animals while volunteering with us, and some are so inspired that they have decided to become veterinarians.

Donations or any support is always greatly appreciated. Donations can be made online ( or via regular mail at PO Box 10085, Marina del Rey, CA 90295. We are also looking for foster homes for our rescued dogs, along with volunteers to help our adoption events.